Crusted Bacon & Cheddar Quiche

Crusted Bacon & Cheddar Quiche

Crusted Bacon & Cheddar Quiche



Cooking Spray

1 (20-ounce) bag of frozen shredded hash browns

2 ounces sharp cheddar cheese, grated (about 1/2 cup)

2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

tsp 1/2. Garlic Powder

1/2 tsp Kosher Salt

1/4 tsp. Freshly ground black pepper

Filling and assembly

1 tbsp. cornstarch

6 large eggs, divided

2 c. sour cream

1 c. whole milk

2 tablespoons Dijon mustard

1/2 teaspoon Kosher Salt

1/4 tsp. freshly ground black pepper

8 ounces bacon (about 8 pieces), cut into 1-inch pieces

1 bunch green onions, white and dark green parts separated, thinly sliced ​​

4 ounces sharp Cheddar, grated (about 1 c.), divided

Crusted Bacon & Cheddar Quiche

Crusted Bacon & Cheddar Quiche



Preheat oven to 425°. Coat a 9-inch springform pan with cooking spray and place on a rimmed baking sheet.

Place the frozen hash browns in a large heatproof bowl and microwave on high for 2 to 3 minutes, until the potatoes are tender and most of the liquid has evaporated.

To mix with hash browns, add cheddar, butter, garlic powder, salt, and pepper and stir until well combined.

Pour hash brown mixture into prepared pot. Press evenly on the bottom and top of the pan, about 1/2 inch above the top of the pan, making sure to cover any holes or cracks.

Bake until the edges begin to brown, about 40 minutes.

Filling and Assembly

Preheat oven to 375°. Combine the cornstarch and 1 egg in a large bowl and mix until smooth and free of lumps. Add sour cream, milk, mustard, salt, pepper, and remaining 5 eggs and mix until smooth.

In a large skillet over medium heat, cook bacon, stirring occasionally, until golden brown and beginning to crisp, 6 to 8 minutes. Add the white onion pieces and half the green onions and cook, stirring, for another 1 to 2 minutes, until the bacon is crisp and the green onions are soft and brown. Transfer to a plate lined with paper towels.

Sprinkle half of the cheddar cheese on the bottom of the crust. Top with bacon mixture and remaining green onion pieces. Slowly pour the egg mixture into the dough. Top with remaining cheddar cheese.

Bake the quiche for 40-50 minutes. It will harden and you will feel a slight wobble in the center when you shake the mold. Let cool for 30 minutes.

Run a knife around the edge of the mold before removing it from the mold. Serve the quiche warm or at room temperature.

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